Terms & Conditions

These are our terms and conditions, in plain English

1. Reasons we may remove content (such as photos or comments):

  • Promotes illegal behaviour.
  • Glorifies violence against another human being. So, want to post a photo of you holding a gun? Ok. Post a photo of you pointing a gun at someone? Not ok
  • It’s not yours. Seriously, want to post copyrighted or trademarked material? Go somewhere else. Bear in mind we are strong proponents of Fair Use
  • Supports the denigration of another human being based on the colour of their skin, gender, or faith.
  • Harassment of other Pinched users. Repeated invites of people you don’t know is a definite no no.
  • Disinformation. You are free to share an opinion (such as being a flat-earther), you are not free to spread knowingly false information (eg: All immigrants are criminal rapists). Your beliefs are protected, your lies are not.
  • You ask us to
For the avoidance of doubt, opinions and points of view are welcome here and we will not seek to stifle free speech. If you are a flat earther or anti-vaxxer, you may be an idiot but you’re welcome here.

2. Reasons we may remove you from Pinched

  • Three violations of rule 1.
  • We find proof that you are under the age of 13 and/or have not received permission to use the service by a parent

3. Your rights

We own our app, logos, domains, patents, and intellectual properties associated with bringing you this service. We do not own your photos, you have full control over what you do with them although by using Pinched you are giving us license to store and transmit them to other users.

Want them removed? You can do so and all copies will be deleted from our servers and other apps that connect to our servers.

You do not own your comments, they are fundamentally “owned” by the photo you commented on.

Have a question? Drop us a line anytime: geoffrey@mccaleb.me

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